The FSU Collaboratory provides faculty, staff, and students with a dedicated space where they can work together to design, develop, and evaluate ideas for innovative, information technologies. It is intended to encourage more competitive proposals for funded research, provide a hands-on, experiential learning lab for technological innovation and experimentation, and increase opportunities for information entrepreneurship and technology transfer across campus, thereby helping the university meet a wide range of research, development, and entrepreneurial goals.

The FSU Collaboratory helps faculty, staff, and students by providing:

  • User-centered software design, analysis, and engineering opportunities.
  • Technical infrastructures to develop and experiment with innovative technology.
  • Assistance with prototyping information systems to support research proposals.
  • Networking opportunities through a communal space for collaboration.
  • Assistance with designing and evaluating information systems and technologies.
  • On-demand access to digital technologies and virtual resources for innovation.
  • Assistance with managing large amounts of data and information resources.
  • Synergy of different knowledge areas within an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Common meeting spaces and secure storage for systems and prototypes.

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